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Ten Things Ive Learnt in My First Term as a School Mum

Being a lover of reflection what better way to kick off 2018 than reflecting on experiences as a  ‘School Mum.’  Being my first-born i had no prior experience or expectation on how everything would come together and plan out so what better way then to put pen to paper and tally up what I’ve learnt thus far.

  1. You ‘Love’ getting rid of them for a few hours but once their in school you spend most days twiddling your thumbs wondering what they’re doing.
  2. Cliques are still a thing,even among the playground pick up chaos. Everyone has their set group of Mums and Dads they congregate too. Good luck if you’re a newcomer, its fair to say it took me a good three months to find a common ground with my fellow pram pushers.
  3. HeadLice are yet to become extinct. Those pesky creepy parasites have managed to divide and conquer and if you don’t get a forwarded email or text from the school weekly informing you that ‘Little Visitors’ are doing the rounds then do your kids even go to school? I use a DIY Headlice ‘repellent’ and Spritz Big Littles hair every morning before we clamber out the door  followed by a  quick check every evening.
  4. Extracting the daily play by-play of what your child did that day is a minefield, you need a BA(hons) and playground lingo certification to make any sense of the ‘I can’t remembers/and or i don’t knows.’
  5. Watching your child in their first christmas nativity is a heart kicker, Big little only sat on the stage and belted out a few songs with everyone else but the big ball of emotions came colliding even before he walked into that rather stuffy assembly hall.
  6. You will spend more time washing and ironing your childs uniform than you do your own clothes. After their first week you’ll be the proud owner of a  lovely set of blue paint stained jumpers and scuffed school shoes but you’ll keep them anyway and just hope their teachers and peers think it happened that day.
  7. Never did the Alphabet seem more tedious until you teach your child phonics (Ah (A) Buh(b) Cuh (c) etc..)
  8. Be ready to give up 30 Sundays of the year for the obligatory  birthday parties..don’t get me started on the christmas cards, you think writing it out for one class is bad, wait until you have multiple children and your writing ‘Merry Christmas’ 60+ times.
  9. If you need to drive to school for pick up you better be prepared to leave half an hour early just to park your car.
  10. They grow so fast! its only been three months but im pretty sure he’s a giant, a giant who has mastered the sassy eye roll and learnt a ray of different swear words.

If you’ve started on your second term as a ‘school parent’ tag me in your top ten list and let me know what you’ve learnt over the past few months.




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