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Reflecting on the old, Hello to the new..

I know many think the whole new year new me posts are overrated but I can’t help but get sentimental when looking back at the last 12 months.

Without a doubt I found courage and strength from a place I wasn’t aware existed. Jacobs “differences” came to a head as I chose for him to have surgery and put his life into another’s hands not once but three times. He taught me the definition of fierceness and tenacity while i watched his journey of recovery.

My big little started reception.Feeling so out of control giving half of my heart and soul to teachers whom I don’t really know, but with good faith I hope they discover the smart witty loving soul as did i.

I started on the journey to rediscover myself and had fun with old and new friends. I found a real friendship along the way, she somehow manages to be the complete opposite of me yet we founded an even ground.

I also went through a school Appeal, failed but gained knowledge, earned my independence back, jumped out of my comfort zone, danced the night away to little mix with my dad, Saw James Arthur in concert, watched my twin brother jump across the globe for a new exciting job and fought for my littles in different situations that arose along the way.

Here’s to another world wind 2018 as I prepare my littlest little to go through the same operations as he did this year. Il also watch him flourish come September when he starts nursery school and probably ugly cry for a good few days over the fact I’l be handing my own little shadow to the education system.

Il  witness my big little grow as he navigates his school years, and teach him a few life lessons along the way.

I’m sure there will be some lows and tears to come but I look forward to experiencing the new and reflecting once again this time next year 💖


Happy and safe New Year




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