Baby/Toddler product reviews

The 10 Best Childrens apps for iPhone

With technology continually advancing and now being introduced and used as an aid in schools ive compiled a list of my favourite children’s Apps that I allow my children to use to help develop dexterity. Each app has a focused target area to advance a child’s learning in different aspects such as Maths Literacy and hand and eye coordination. In Addition I’ve tracked down approved  Wallet friendly  apps that are all under five 23660634_10159690179610014_352766166_opounds helping to keep your budgets in check with christmas fast approaching.

  • I Reward Chart £2.49 and is available on all major platforms. It tracks your childs behaviour following criteria you’ve set up allowing you to give virtual rewards.
  • Nighty Night HD £1.49 available on iPhones is a bedtime story app that houses a short story feature and allows your child to put different animals to bed and turn off the light letting them learn that its bedtime for all creatures great and small.
  • The famous five adventure game £2.99 is a game based on Enid Blytons Hit Book series and allows you to play as characters from the book (Julian,Dick,Anne,George and Timmy) as they attempt to solve mysteries.
  • Jolly Phonics Letter Sounds £4.99 helps children learn to read and write. It goes through the motions of teaching to recognise letters though sounding them out, seeing letter formations, Blending letters and sounds together for reading and identifying sounds in words for spelling.
  • AlphaBlocks Letter fun £1.99 is an app based off of the hit CBeebies programme ‘Alphablocks’. This app helps develop your childs Reading skills.It includes four mini games and over one hundred learning activities in total.
  • Little Fox Animal Doctor £3.99 is a roleplaying game where you attempt to treat ‘poorly’ animals. Perfect for any child/ren who are interested in animals. The game is  also great at encouraging kindness and curiosity as they learn through trial and error.
  • CBeebies Playtime App is a free to download. Cbeebies playtime app is easy to personalise enabling your child to play with their favourite tv characters. The App houses different mini games specifically for each character and programmes and is tailored around what your child enjoys.
  • Preschool Zoo Puzzles Zoolingo is a free app that helps teach your child how to Count,Match, Solve jigsaw puzzles and more, and is available in sixteen different languages.
  • 10 minutes a day Times Tables is free to download. 10 minutes a day times tables focuses on teaching your child their times tables in a fun and relatable game.
  • Toonia Colourbook is again free to download. Toonia Colourbook  turns your device into a virtual colouring book. It helps encourage your child to use and build their concentration skills, Motor skills and hand and eye coordination.

Apps are also great for when you are travelling with children to keep them amused on long journeys, for whatever reason youve branched into the big wild world of technology with your child i hope this list helped whatever ones you decided to download.

As always id love to hear your feedback on what you thought of the list and if you could add your own which ones would you choose?




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