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Halloween Activities for Children

Halloween is a time that catches not just the attention of teens but sets children imaginations wild, perhaps the idea of diving into their goody bags gives them a pre sugar rush fuel after Trick or treating; or the maybe it’s the Dressing up that fires up their imagination and gets you into the spirit of Halloween. To make life a little simpler  I’ve made a guide of simple activities the whole family can enjoy.

  • Collect Pinecones and make a ‘Spooktacular’ garland with them.
  • 22810500_10159590418730014_1859366337_oVisit a pumpkin patch.
  • Roast Pumpkin seeds.
  • Take an evening walk to admire any neighbourhood decorations.
  • Have a pre Halloween photo shoot with some fancy dress, all you need is a white or the more appropriate black sheet and some blue tack for the perfect backdrop.
  • Make a Spiced Apple crumble.
  • Make an Autumnal sensory box ( you could include crunchy autumn leaves, pinecones,conkers, pumpkin seeds to name a few)
  • Halloween Bath All you need is some  black food colouring and some Jackolantern Balloons. Don’t panic it won’t stain the children, promise!
  • Cotton Ball ‘Ghosties’ – a tactile craft for toddlers using chalk, cotton balls and buttons.
  • Make Monster Hands! Everyone loves a hand-tracing activity, right? Beans and lentils add some sensory fun to this craft.
  • A monster mobile is a whimsical way to upcycle some cardboard toilet rolls and can liven up the hour before bath time.
  • Snuggle up on the sofa with some Cinnamon spiced milk and pop on some family friendly Halloween inspired films such as: Caroline, Casper, Hocus Pocus,  Curious George a Halloween Boofest (2013), The nightmare before Christmas(6+) and Pooh’s Heefalump Halloween Movie.
  • Have a Halloween Tea Party displaying all the crafts you’ve made if your opposed to treat or treating, a simple yet fun way to enjoy Halloween from the comfort of your own home.

However you decide to celebrate Halloween this year please be cautious and respectful of neighbours that may not be so warm to the idea of Halloween if you do venture out. Be safe and remember to have fun.

I’d love to see what crafts and activities you get up to so comment under this post or get in touch via Instagram and let me see all the ‘Spooktacular’ fun you’ve been up to.




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