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Child Sling Review

After Jacobs surgery I needed to find a way of keeping his arm elevated and secure, being only two i scoured the internet in search of something age appropriate and that’s when I came across ChildSling.  Now i am challenging  you to find any sling suitable for tots on the high street i can almost guarantee  you will not find anything. Until you end up with a child in an arm cast this  mere oversight is something you would never come across but when your put in the position of desperately needing one,this product gave me my sanity back.

Child Sling is a very Simplistic idea with functional abilities. It’s a family run business making it easy to get in touch with the creator if you have any additional sizing questions or Custom fabric requests. Child Sling has children’s wants and needs at its core while never compromising with quality. This product makes life a little more bearable while going through the ordeal of having a child in a cast whether that be from an operation like Jacob or from an accident at home.

I remember sitting in the car on the way home from Jacobs first operation paranoid and vulnerable wondering how id ever keep his arm elevated after being told the only way to reduce his risks for compartment syndrome was to keep his arm higher than the rest of his body. I came across the ChildSling website and quickly typed out an email to ChildSlings Owner Tracey asking her if she could size up Jacobs arm using a picture as I didn’t have a tape measure to hand and that’s exactly what she did. She replied almost instantly with a sling that fitted Jacob perfectly which I then went on to purchase, it was sent out via next day delivery which meant i had it in my hands by 1pm the following day.


Child (and tots) Sling Features:

  • Custom designed fabric of choice
  • Reversible Fleece Lining
  • Comfort Adjustable Neck strap
  • Free Fleece Sleeve to go over the neck strap for comfort
  • Webbing Band to secure arm in sling
  • Baby Design available with extra waist strap
  • Easy to Wash by hand


History and Origin of ChildSling

I couldn’t find anything for my twins when they fractured their arms within two weeks of each other. They we miserable uncomfortable and didn’t want to go to school almost embarrassed that it had happened.A child is in a big white hospital sling and every person they meet greats them with’Oh dear what have ‘you’ done?’ My children felt like they did something wrong to make this happen and it quickly had a negative affect on them both.I saw my daughter shrink away wanting to 22447669_10159541413460014_1530301758_nhide.My thinking cap came on at thats when i taught myself how to make ChildSlings. My Children were greeted with ‘Wow what a fantastic sling’. They were proud to show them off and therefore the injury/operation was mentioned as a secondonary subject and not as a blame, turning the experience back into a Positive moment.My twins could not wait to get to school to show them off.I started making slings for a few children that we met in the waiting room at fracture clinic (we were there a lot between the two of them) Children we encountered sat there admiring my children’s slings while they were trying to sit and hide their less appealing hospital sling. Each time we were at appointments the more parents would ask where I’d purchased the slings from, after confessing I made them myself and the fact they weren’t so widely available the disappointment in the air was hard to hide from. Being the compassionate person i am, i vowed to make each child we met their own sling as i jotted down their address in passing and not even once did i go back on my word. So that’s how Childsling started and I’m still here now making slings nearly 7 years later! —Tracey Basta, Child Sling.

ChildSlings Start at £12.99 and slightly increase in price if it’s a custom order or a larger sling. Price wise I believe it’s a very reasonable price range for an organic home run business. I would without a doubt recommend these Slings to any Tot Child or Teen suffering from Sprains, broken/fractured upper limbs or problematic arm injuries. If anyone would like to purchase a sling then click here which will send you directly over to Childsling Online shop. If you purchase one let ChildSling know I sent you! 

A Special Donation of Slings has been made on behalf of Tracey from ChildSling and a donation from myself and has been gifted to Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital London on Wednesday 18th October 2017  for children like Jacob who are going through surgery for Genetic Abnormalities of the upper limbs.





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