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Where i am, Where I’ve been and Everything in-between..

Once again I’ve managed to disappear off the blogosphere world so I thought id update you all with the Ins and outs of why I’ve been so quiet.

If you follow me on Instagram you would probably already seen that September has been a bit of a Crazy one for me. My eldest started Primary School all while I have been at Great Ormond Street Hospital with my younger son while he has gone through three surgeries consecutively for three weeks in a row.

Jacob (younger Son) has had a surgical procedure that in short rotated his forearm 180 degrees. This had to be done in stages as to not compromise the blood supply and lower the risk for compartment syndrome. If you click here  you will be able to go back and read in more depth about what led Jacob to needing the Surgery, and at some point I will do a post sharing an in-depth of what the condition is and try to raise a little bit of awareness for it.

So although this isn’t much for an update ,the past 9 months have basically been limbo awaiting an operation date for Jacob so on part I felt like my life has been put on hold, Now we are one week away from the Plaster coming off for Jacob and a few weeks away from Franks first half term il be trying to kick it up a notch with this posting malarkey and get some routine and order back around here.. ( here’s hoping)


To keep up to date a little better, keep checking in with me over at my Instagram id love to see some familiar and some new faces.




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