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What I wish I knew as a first time mum

If only i could use my somewhat newfound knowledge and tell the 19-year-old me all  i know now those initial parenting months would have been a lot more stress and worry free, but hey that’s what being a first time parent is all about, learning the ropes of motherhood and more importantly learning how to combat a nappy explosion  and a refluxy baby all in one.

If any first time parents are reading this then please be reassured, things WILL get easier and you’ll continue to learn more about your new baby and yourself everyday.

There are so so many controversial parenting topics we could discuss such as breast or bottle feeding, but only you will know what ultimately works for you and your baby, shrug off others opinions and trust your natural-born instincts on this one.

Between the sleep deprivation and the newfound mum “bun” you’ve been rocking those first few weeks you’ll wonder where you left your old self. Parenting is challenging enough without worrying about loosing the carefree part of you and your sanity too. Just remember things take time and once the beginning of the jigsaw is put in place you will find time to be other versions of yourself rather than “just a mum.”

So to match your new hairdo you might possibly have the matching ‘mum tum’ to go with it too. Your body just grew and housed your child for the past nine months, give yourself time to recover. It takes nine months to form a baby and nine plus months to get your pre pregnancy body back.If twelve months down the road your still wearing your mothers apron don’t put negativity into your mind, like I said earlier its all about finding a balance and things will come together in the end.

The biggest message i wish i could tell any first time parent is to  enjoy them while there little! They grow up in a blink of an eye so cherish every single moment. If you’ve been up all night with your teething toddler and they are demanding every morcal of energy and patience  you have to give just exhale; and remember one day you will pick your child up for the last time and they won’t Ever need or want to be picked up again. Each child develops differently so let them reach their milestones at their own pace; Just because your friends uncles child is walking at 8 months doesn’t mean your child walking at 16 months is any less gifted than theres. Remember the ideal Parent and Ideal Child is all fantasy. Take the Good with the ugly and keep going forward together.

Finally… Things change, those are fleeting and you will make mistakes. It doesn’t make you a bad parent because you’ve given in to your childs droning demand of sugary snacks just so you can get around the supermarket, or you’ve given them your iPad to watch Peppa Pig  just so you can get five minutes quiet.. It makes you Human! Youl probably be more like your parents than you ever knew you could be before you had children, but now those phrases of ‘ because mummy said so, or if you don’t eat your dinner youl go to bed hungry’ sound so more apparent now they are spoken from your mouth.

so To the 19 year old me and to every  first time parent out there, Keep Going, Laugh and cry over a television advert if you want but just Find the Balance, and before you know it you will have your own knowledge imbedded in you to help someone else out.

Thanks for reading, as always you can find me on the web by heading over to my contact details or leave me a comment and share with me anything you’d of liked to tell the First time parent in you.




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