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Babies First Holiday Survival Guide

Summer is almost here, and this year may be your first holiday as a family. whether you’re jetting off abroad, or staying closer to home your first holiday will fire many emotions at you as you prepare to pack up your little one(s) and take them on their first adventure. Travelling with a little one is as exciting as it is tiring yet those memories that you as a family  create will resonate with you forever.

As a parent you can tick off the long lie ins and afternoon sunbathing sessions, but don’t dismay you have your little ray of sunshine to enjoy everything and more with.

Once your holiday is booked and finances sorted  now is the time to find out what is/isn’t available at your destination; if your baby drinks formula then is this available to purchase? If not then think ahead and get some tins ready to put away in your case.

I have put together a mini checklist of essentials for your baby

Baby Essentials

  • Carseat, small foldable buggy and or baby carrier
  • for Formula fed babies, I suggest ready-made cartons where possible as you won’t be able to guarantee what the water supply will be like.
  • Bottles,teats, sterilizing tablets.
  • For breastfed babies  pack nipple pads, creams, covers *optional* to keep mum and baby as comfortable as possible.
  • Nappy changing essentials, Nappies, Wipes, Cream.
  • Small First Aid kit.
  • Ready prepared jars of food and snacks for your little one ( remember over-estimate rather than under.)
  • Bibs,beakers, plastic spoons.
  • Sun hat or Bobble hat  essential for Warmer/Colder climates.
  • Long sleeved cotton tops,light trousers and dresses to keep the sun off your child and keep their  skin covered up and less exposed from the sun.
  • For colder climates pack easy layering clothes such as vests,long-sleeved t-shirts,trousers,hoodies and coats.
  • UV protected swimwear.
  • Backup entertainment for your child such as favourite toys, colouring book and even a portable DVD player/ iPad depending on your parenting preferences.

it’s a good idea to write a list of anything specific that you want to take, as if your like me and your mind still overrun on baby brain there will always be something you forget. A tip that has really helped me is  planning in advance when your baby will sleep (or ‘should’ sleep) and work your schedule accordingly. It simply makes life easier! for example if your going on an aeroplane look for flights around this time and if your taking the car then set off about an hour before nap time, Happy baby equals relaxed parents.

and finally remember to HAVE FUN!!

I hope you enjoy wherever your summer adventures take you this year and forever, as always if there is anything i havent covered feel free to leave me a comment.

Thanks for reading,  


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