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One Year PostPartum-

Today i write this as a Makeup Free and Messy Haired  Sleep Deprived mother of two.

As you all know Jacob is Turning One! (my eldest  Frankie-George will be Three in June.)

anyway.. I thought id talk about my first year experience of being a parent to two.

Jacob is disabled/handicapped he has AMC (Arthrogroposis) which was finally diagnosed in December 2015. This was a really hard time in my life hense the slow decline in my posts and me never confirming what was going on. When he was born we knew he had a deformity in both upper limbs but it was something several consultants were unfamiliar with, we travelled to London 8 months into Jacobs life to finally get the  correct diagnosis from Gill Smith Plastics Consultant at Great Ormand Street.

I gave birth on Good Friday which meant that the majority of Consultants were on annual leave resulting in the  whole hospital being pretty much shut down..  i ending up having to wait until the Tuesday to find out what really was  going on with my son. To be told 4 days pp that your son is deformed in some shape or form was utterly heart breaking. I remember standing on my own in Neonatal (Nicu) and they point blank fired that at me without warning, Que what felt like my whole world breaking apart.

I have no shame in admitting those events did and will always affect me. i suffered from Postpartum depression which myself and my GP combated initially with medication and now after a year i am managing without any prescriptions. There will always be triggers but i try to manage them myself, every negative thought i look to my son(s) and see how far he’s coming on all by himself and it brings me back.

Now Let me tell you, not all has be bad this past year. Yes, it started off unbearably hard but i have the most beautiful sons and my heart is full every single day because of them.

Frankie-George is such a Good big brother to Jacob, yes we do have moments when his inner toddler comes through and he won’t share with him but the little things he does for his brother triumph that time and time again.

On the note of sleep deprived mammas/parents out there I’m with you. Im in awe of each and everyone of you. Frankie-George has only just begun sleeping through the night undisturbed but Jacob has other ideas.. I totally understand at this age  brain growth/ activity is at a high and we all love those Dreaded Sleep Regressions but Someone help me out. So Tonight i am getting rid of 1) during the night bottles and replacing with water  and 2) Moving him onto a trainer bottle rather than giving him his milk in a infant bottle so lets hope it does something.. The silver lining on all this is that we were gratefully contacted by SLEEPYHEAD (DOCKATOT) the sleep company that make the sleeping pods and we will be reviewing the Grand Pod so fingers Crossed that helps us out.

A quick summary of all things ( that i can remember) that had gone on this past year after Jacobs arrival. I took my children to Butlins Minehead on their first family holiday. We celebrated Jacobs first christmas and this year was so very exciting for Frankie-George it was magical to watch. I also moved house ( Yippie) so now the boys have a double bedroom that they will be able to share and enjoy for many years to come. And we have now booked to go away for Frankie-Georges third birthday  to Butlins (Swashbuckle is what he likes to call it) as it is a  child’s heaven when you go during Just for Tots Weekend.

I Hope this past year has treated you all well, And please keep your eyes peeled for some new product reviews.

if there is anything I’ve missed comment below and i can always add to this,

Thanks for reading,


(Disclaimer this post is not sponsored with any Companies mentioned above)





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