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Toilet Training 101

As you all know I have a 2-year-old son, over the past few weeks  nappies have become a distant memory during the day time ( hallelujah!)

I thought now would be a perfect opportunity to share my experience, tips and tricks that have helped us along the way.

My first absolute main point is to wait until your child shows signs of being ready, there is never going to be a right time to start training but if you go off this then your in for an easier ride.

(My son was scared of the potty so we slowly introduced it to him over a few days and let him have it in front of the TV with snacks to start just to get him comfortable with it.)

You should set aside a few days where yourself or your partner (significant other or grandparent) are able to remain in the house.

Once your child is ready with either the toilet or potty now id suggest going ‘cold turkey’ and taking nappies off them during the day completely as you will only hinder and confuse them, ( yes this does create an extra load of washing, sorry mamas/daddies!) I for one just let Frankie run around bare bum for the first 48 hours, and asked him every 30 minutes or so if he needed to go onto the potty for a wee.

Reward in the early days is essential, praise your child immensely. we had and still do have a routine of when he’s used the toilet we have a high five and a big cheer to let him know how clever he’s been. * bribe- (using the term loosely) your child with stickers or small snacks in the first few days if need be*.

Now comes the trickier part, big boy pants/ big girl knickers now comes into play. (Frankie-George again hated them at first but once we showed him that he had the same as daddy he thought he was super grown up and hasn’t looked back since.)    To prepare them a great idea is to have them pick out their own pair from the shop with their favourite character on and then grab a few packs of the multi buys keeping costs down and  you ticking over at the beginning.

* Your child may struggle with getting their underwear up and down, this is completely normal, just make sure your always available to run and nip them up and down for them, it will come in time.*

When your ready for your first trip out then follow our simple steps and just remember to keep a cool head, don’t worry if your child has an accident, remember how much of a new experience this is not to have total access to a toilet 24/7.
For us I packed him his own backpack with spare clothes and underwear and then popped his toystory foldable seat in which sits on-top of a standard size toilet to help them feel more secure. Another thing to keep handy is a potty in your car, we have been caught out a few times where no toilets have been accessible and we just pop to our car and shield him while he does his business. You may feel uneasy doing this but I’ve found it very effective in reducing accidents.

Remember to Follow both your child’s and your instincts and your child should be nappy free in no time.

i hope my experience and tips help you both along on your new milestone and  journey.

Any suggestions are always warmly welcomed, feel free to share to any parents needing a helping hand.



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