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Babies First Wardrobe

Having just given birth to my second son ‘Jacob’ just 11 short weeks ago, I was a lot more prepared and clued up when it came to buying his newborn wardrobe.It can be a challenge for new parents to narrow down what essentials baby will actually need when swamped with rails of baby clothes in all different shapes and sizes. You need to keep in mind that your baby will grow quickly at first, they will most likely only get wear out of each outfit a handful of times. If you are keeping your baby’s gender as a surprise then its always best to stick with neutral colours such as whites,creams and yellows and then pick a few gender statement outfits once baby is here if you desire.

Please bear in mind the amount of each item you buy is completely up to you and how often you are going to be prepared to do washing, typically babies have a habit of spitting up or letting go diaper explosions, especially in the early days while their body adjusts to the world outside. I also suggest you buy the first wardrobe clothes in size newborn ( typically go up to 9-10lbs), and can always pick up some smaller or larger clothes depending on your little ones birth weight.

Here are my first wardrobe essentials.

  • x1 Coming Home Outfit a special outfit picked specially or babies first journey home.
  • x6 Bodysuits (vests) these are worn as a first layer under any additional clothes such as a sleep suit or romper. 
  • x8  Sleep-suites  They are widely available to purchase with optional built-in hand mits.
  • x5 Pairs of socks
  • x2 Hats even if your baby is born in the summer its best to keep their heads covered as the head is where body heat is most easily lost.
  • x3 Joggers or Leggings
  • x3 T-Shirts ( long-sleeved for colder months)
  • x1 Cardigan or Jacket 
  • x1 Coat
  • x5 Bibs perfect for keep babies clothes clean, these help mop up any dribble or spit up.
  • x5 Muslin Cloth who knew they had a multitude of functions such as cleaning up vomit, swaddling, travel changing mat, sun shade. 
  • x3 Scratch Mits to stop baby scratching themselves
  • x1 Baby Blanket


  • x1 all in one depending on the time of year this can be perfect for keeping your little one warm
  • x2 Sleep bag optional however using these are the safest way to ensure baby is warm throughout the night.

I have linked some of my favourite gender neutral  pieces ( availible from mothercare and Alanas baby corner) to each item for some inspiration, feel free to check them out.

What have you got on your babies shopping list? let me know what you found useful in those early weeks.

Thanks for reading,


xox ♥

*Disclaimer- I have not been sponsored in anyway to use products  attached here, this is just personal choice.*©®


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