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What I can’t leave home without

As a mother of two, a toddler ( age 2) and a baby ( 2 months) a lot more effort goes into packing the ‘changing bag’ than it might appear. Having two children so close in age means double just about everything, from wipes and nappies, to bottles and snacks the list is never-ending. To keep those precious smiles on both faces it is vital that all their essentials are packed and with us  whenever we leave the house. (Que everything besides the kitchen sink- and trust me if the bag had space that would be packed and ready to leave with us to.)

So Here I am going to share what I can’t leave home without#whatsinthebagbaby

Listed below is  all You need to survive an outing with your Baby and Toddler:

  • Nappies-  diapers, disposable or reusable, for any mother or father, keeping baby dry and clean is top priority.
  • Baby bottles and formula, this is second on my list as most high street stores do sell ready-made formula and sterilised bottles for emergency cases.
  • Sip Cup for your toddler and snacks.
  • Baby wipes for cleaning bums and cleaning up messy toddlers.
  • Hand steriliser for keeping germs at bay.
  • Spare set of baby & toddler clothes, you never know when a nappy explosion is going to occur, and you can place your bets that your toddler will get messy throughout the day exploring the world.

As long as you’ve packed all the items listed above you can breathe a mini sign of relief, be rest assured you can just about manage without the rest. If you are however one of them super parents whom are all set and organised then you can add  your child’s “luxury” items to your bag to maximise your time away from the house:

  • Travel changing mat, Perfect for when those changing tables aren’t as clean as you’d of hoped.
  • Anti bacterial wipes, for wiping over surfaces your child will come into contact with.
  • Spare Dummies/Pacifier and a  sterilizing pod.
  • Baby comforter (our favourite is currently pink linings dragon comforter).
  • Baby and toddler blanket.
  • Baby and toddler toys.

Now the littles ones are catered for super mummy /daddy its time to get a bit selfish and add our own essentials:

  •  Purse, Let’s face it we won’t get far without money nowadays.
  • Keys, self-explanatory unless you’re a sleep deprived parent *check and double-check these are in your bag.*
  • Phone and travel charger for emergencies.
  • Lip balm/gloss.
  • Mini notepad and pen.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Breast pads & nipple cream for breastfeeding mamas.
  • Female toiletries (When Mother Natures monthly gift arrives it’s always best to be prepared).

So now the million dollar’  question is, how to fit all this into one bag?

While those superpowers recharge id suggest taking a small messenger bag to keep all your things handy in, Theres nothing worse than an inpatient cashier waiting for you to scramble around looking for your purse ( I’m currently using Pink Linings Cottage garden mini messenger) and a separate bag for your little ones things.

My Top Tip to finish is Check your bag before you leave, have you stocked up on enough nappies/wipes to keep you going while your out? Leave me a comment in the box below on What items you can’t leave the house without.

Ps: All thats left to remember now is yourself and preferably the children ♥

Thanks for reading,


This is my submission for Pink Linings Ambassador Search



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