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Jacobs 10 week update

  1. Jacobs in “Double Digits now baby”.

This week Jake weighs 8lb12oz but he’s just started to drop off his 0.4th centile, so we’re increasing feeds and trying to chunk this little monkey up.

He’s still wearing newborn clothes, I tried him in a 0-3month onesie and they drown him still, check out the picture below..  

We celebrated His big brothers second birthday on the weekend I can’t believe I have a 2-year-old and a 2 month old.

Anyway, this week we have been busy bees organising Jacobs upcoming baptism on Sunday- giving myself 10 days probably wasn’t the most intelligent idea I’ve had.

Jacob is gurgling a lot more now and responds to our voices, he will turn his head in our direction now if we walk out the room.  And is still giving his plenty of smiles.

He is again increasing His movement in his  arms and will move them around trying to reach out for his toys, as I said in a previous update that is a massive achievement for him- if anyone is interested in his condition then I will do a separate post, it’s something Ive not yet written about.

Boy oh boy he is a dummy (pacifier) monster, whether you are for or against the use of one he defiantly finds them a comfort,  we are currently using the mam silk teat ones- so hopefully that will inhibit any future misalignment of his teeth.

He has a pediatric appointment coming up next week so will update you on all that with his next update. Will also be posting a blog on his baptism.

Until next time, thanks for reading my loves, as always any suggestions of future blogs or things you’d like me to cover are always welcome.




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