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Organising your child’s Baptism/Christening 

Before I begin I just want to apologise for the lack of posts these last few days,  between a baby a toddler and one tired Mumma my brain just wasn’t giving me any inspiration to write.

So this week I decided to give myself the challenge of organising my littlest’s baptism in 10 days, and hosting my sons second birthday party in the middle of it.

I spoke to the priest on Thursday and his actually baptism is the Sunday after (14th June).

After deciding which church or parish you will be having your little one baptised or christened at you then need to decide on how many godparents and of whom they will be. People tend to have 2 godfathers and 2 godmothers however you can ultimately  choose how many people you have, although I would limit it at 6.

Next it’s time to book and check out venues for the reception afterwards. You have plenty of options here you can
-Host a buffet at home

– Hire a hall and hire caterers or self cater.

– Go for a sit down meal- don’t feel that you are obliged to pay for everyone’s meals. I’m sure people will be more than happy to pay for themselves.

– Just go out for drinks afterwards

Or do something similar to myself which  after dabbling with my mum on where we should have the reception afterwards I decided to go with a little restaurant/pub which has an outside play area for the children to run around in. I know from personal experience that as long as the children are catered for and have room to run free then everyone else is happy and able to relax themselves.  So the buffet is booked and everyone has been catered for. – if you go for this option find out if you can decorate with banners and balloons or if they will provide any.

Next on your checklist should be the “Cake” 

If your lucky enough to be a wiz in the kitchen then it’s more than acceptable to make your own, if I was any good this would have been my choice however I’ve never been a cake maker.  So for those of us like me we go down the route of finding someone who is a wiz to make ours This is where it gets exciting .You can choose whatever design you’d like, Theres the traditional route of crucifixes and doves, and then there’s the baby boy or girl booties;  If none of them take your fancy then you can opt for animal themed like “Noah’s arks” or something subtle that your child is into depending on their age. All I would say is go for pastel colours, they always look great on top of a christening cake no matter what design you go for.

Time to choose your baby or child’s Outfit

Traditionally you dress your child in a white gown with a white shawl, however we have come along way in terms of attire.

The main colour option here would be white- this symbolises purity and new life. As long as you speak to your priest to first make sure it’s acceptable you can opt for a different choice of colour not just that of ivory but again Patel pinks/blues/yellows.

After you’ve chosen the colour of your outfit then you can decide on the style, as I mentioned above there is the choice of the traditional gown but if you fancy branching out then you should aim for either a shorter dress for your little girl or go towards a romper outfit with a fitted waist coat or the 5 piece suit for your boy.

As you go further into detail you can now decide if you would like to add some accessories to your little ones outfit such as a bonnet/beret,cardigan,shawl,frilly socks/tights/ Dicky bow. Again a good idea would be to match your accessories with your colour which is pretty self-explanatory.

So we’ve organised the church,Venue,cake and outfit, now would be a great idea to design your invitations and write a guest list. You can have as many or as little people attend your christening/baptism as you like, just make sure to give those that have further to travel plenty of notice so they can make travel arrangements and sort out accommodation if required.

If your bottle feeding  make sure you bring plenty of sterile bottles and formula to keep your little one fed and happy throughout the day, if they get grizzly during the ceremony then with the priest or vicars permission you can go ahead and feed your little one, or pacifier with their comfort blanket or pacifier.
Just remember to enjoy the day, all the preparation has been done, and even if you’ve forgotten something don’t panic your little one is still  going to be in your churches family, don’t sweat the small stuff.

I will blog about my little ones christening next week for you including pictures.

Let me know how your little ones special day goes/ or has gone.

Thanks for reading,



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