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Happy Second Birthday Frankie-George love mum. X

Two years ago today 6th June 2013 I was in hospital. I had been induced the day before but it was 25 hours until you made one of the scariest entrances i could have imagined. 8 hours of labour and you had decided enough was enough, you were born with the cord wrapped around your neck 3 times, something tells me you got a bit bored with your time in the utero.

You entered this world at 1.50pm, weighing 6lb5oz.

Right in that moment was when you changed my life, my world for the better,  I was 19 and didn’t have a clue how to look after such a fragile little baby, but you have taught me how to be the best version of myself, you have taught me how to be a mummy, how to love unconditionally and showed me what  true love honestly feels like.

This year you have developed so much within your personality, you have such a clever little mind in that soul of yours and I cannot wait for the world to see it.

I couldn’t have asked for a greater big brother than you have been. You have behaved so incredibly well, and only ever shown Jacob the love you have for him. You may not always get along like I expect from young brothers, however it’s in the small moments I find myself reassured that you will always find yourselves in one another. You will protect and care for him when I am not there to do so, and for that I will be forever grateful.

With that in mind, I owe you your second year of life, I hope that you will see the goodness that the world has  to offer amongst the hardship it shows.

You will forever be my first love, My first born. Mummy loves you more than your heart will ever desire. Mummy loves you through the good times and the testing times that life gives us.

Happy Second Birthday my Biggest Little.

Love always, mum xox


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