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Postpartum Hormones And Depression 

Here I am sat ready to write a review and all of a sudden a massive wave of emotion washed over me.. What is going on I’m thinking to myself? I only have britains got talent on in the background nothing untoward, and yet here I am ready to bawl my eyes out over absolutely nothing.

Hormones you naughty little things. A million feelings rushing through your body, how is one suppose to deal with that?

I am currently 8 weeks postpartum after having my second baby, so you would think I’d be able to deal with these feelings now, having already gone through this once before already, but no not the case, not even close.

Postpartum hormones are beyond our control, every feeling you have is now amplified. When your happy you will feel on top of the world, but the smallest thing will bring over a rush of uncontrollable sadness/anger/or just teary-ness. This is normal, your body has just created, grown and housed a little human being inside of it for the past 9 months, and all of a sudden your hormones are playing havoc with you while they level out and go back to normal. Your body just did something truly amazing, we have to give ourselves some slack, and ride it out. Normally it takes our bodies between the 3-4month mark to get back into its normal rhythm, however if you still feel like this after or around the allotted time then it may be more than just hormonal.

So Not only are you trying to manage your emotions, your hormones do something even more crazy.. They make your fall out!.. Don’t panic, you’re not loosing your hair ( techinally you are, don’t worry it will regrow) for those sweet 9 months that you carried your baby, you stopped shedding and now your hormones have decided it’s time to get back into the regular cycles of the hair growth timeline. – Anagen ( hair growth stage) ,Catagen ( hair transitional faze) and Telogen. Our lovely friend telogen is what is causing your hair to fall, it’s the stage in which your hair goes into resting, and your hair is released  and falls out.( Your hair does this continually but up until now you just probably never noticed.)

I feel like postpartum hormones and postpartum depression is something that needs to be spoken about, so many ladies go through this alone and I want you all to know, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. I cannot stress to you, my readers  how incredibly important it is that you do not suffer in silence . If you are going through this, do something today that will help you and make a difference, speak to someone, speak to your doctor, your spouse, your friend. You can even confide in myself. My personal email address is linked on the contact page, please let yourself be known. I am not a professional but I can truthfully say I am here to listen if support and a friendly ear is all you need and will get back to you as soon as I can.

I hope this has helped out anyone who is pregnant, trying to become pregnant or anyone currently postpartum wondering why their bodies are feeling the way they do. Ladies, do not suffer alone.

Remember to enjoy  your lovely little babies, they don’t stay that way for long. Treasure the cuddles and the small things. Thanks for reading my loves xox


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