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Top 5 activities to entertain a toddler with when your stuck indoors. 

We all know how temperamental the weather is even in spring and summer months. Here are my favourite top 5 activities to do, when your stuck in the house with your toddler.

1) Build a fort/Den No money required

Things you need: Duvet. Pillows.Bedsheets. Two dining room chairs.  optional- snacks, Portable DVD player, toddlers teddies,toys and  story books.

Directions: In the corner of the room Place your dining chairs opposite from each other, put bed sheet over the chairs to create a cover, stack the surrounding area with pillows, chuck your duvet on the floor and hop in with your toddler.

2) Messy Floor art.

Things you need: Something to cover your flooring for example a  wipeable floor mat or plenty of old newspapers. . Some A1 or A3 sized paper. Child friendly paints

Directions: cover the area of flooring where your going to be “messy painting.” Grab your paper and put that on top of the painting zone. All you need to do is Mix your paints ready and strip your child down into just his or hers nappy, if you prefer put clothes on that you don’t mind getting messy, and let your toddler get to work. I encourage using their hands and feet, messy play is the most creative of them all.

3) Create their own Pizzas

Things you’ll need: You can either use a small pizza base or a healthier  option is a wholegrain tortilla wrap. Tomato puree or grab a can of chopped tomatoes and blitz, you can even make your own using whole tomatoes and again blitz them in a blender.  Cheese or child’s favourite toppings.

Directions:  Set your oven to the correct temperature. Place the ingredients on your table and sit with your toddler while they get to work on creating their own foodie masterpiece. Cook for the time allotted and then eat. Simple but plenty of fun.

4) Play with play dough.

You can make your play dough yourself or use store-bought. The recipe for the play dough is below.

Play dough recipe-  1 cup cold water, 1 cup salt, 2 teaspoons vegetable oil, food coloring ( Optional) 3 cups flour,2 tablespoons cornflour.

Mix all ingredients in a bowl slowly adding the flour and corn flour until you get the consistency of bread dough. Store in an airtight container and keep in the fridge.

Directions– set up your table with your choice of play dough and cutting tools. You could even make flash cards of objects your toddler could create to keep them entertained for longer.

5) Make your own musical Shaker

I personally love this Good old-fashioned musical rice shaker.

What you’ll need : 2 clean yogurt pots PVA Glue or tape, dry uncooked rice.

Directions: Place your rice into your clean yogurt pot, glue or tape the other pot together and your done. Your little one will have hours of fun with their own musical instrument. Once dried they can even decorate the pots to make it even more magical.

I hope these tips help keep your little ones entertained and yourselves a little bit more sane, a happy baby is a happy mummy/daddy!

What do you do with your little ones on rainy days? Let me know if you try any of the activities suggested above.

Thanks for reading my loves xox


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