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Goldwell Elixir

Here I am sharing my review on Goldwells hair Elixir.

This is a “versatile hair oil suitable for all hair types.”

Let’s talk about the packaging first, it arrives in a simple black box with the classic Goldwell gold text detailing. The bottle itself is plastic but I find it still has a very classic image to it, I also like the fact I can pack this in an overnight bag or suitcase without worrying about anything getting broken. ( pictured below)

 The hair oil is non sticky and is absorbed into the hair almost immediately.  I feel as if the oil is light weight and non greasy but still extremely moisturising on the hair.

The main ingredients are “cyclopentasiloxane and dimethiconol” as you can see they are the first mentioned on the ingredients list, therefore there is a bigger proportion of these ingredients in the hair oil.

Cyclopentasiloxane is a synthetically made ingredient and is extremely well-known within hair and beauty products. Cyclopentasiloxane’s job is to form a barrier over hair/skin adding an extra layer of protection. It does however accumulate onto the hairs surface over time, so I recommend using a clarifying shampoo once a month to remove build up so you can receive the best benefits when using this oil.

Dimethiconol is again a synthetically made ingredient as is part of the “Silicone family.” It’s job is similar to Cylopetasiloxane and just adds a sheen and gloss onto the hair while adding a layer of protection. Again use a clarifying shampoo to remove and reduce build up when using this hair oil.

One of the most beneficial ingredients in this hair oil is Argan and tamanu oil. Argan oil is deeply moisturising and nourishing. Argan is plant-based so can be used for/ in cooking when it’s in its left at its simplest form. ( please do not try to cook with your elixir oil, it will not end well.) Tamanu oil is a seed based oil and has well-known properties that regenerate, strengthen and protect the hair.

When pumped onto your hand using the plastic pump nozzle, you notice it is colourless so will leave no colour or tint behind on your hair.

 I can’t express how much I love this hair oil, I use it on a daily basis just to add a bit of moisture to my bleached ends, but also apply it onto my hair after shampooing and conditioning. You can even apply this oil prior to shampooing for a pre poo treatment, or add it to your conditioner for an added boost.

Have any of you used this oil before? How did you find it performed? Leave me a comment with your views and opinions.

Thanks for reading,




* DISCLAMIER this was not a sponsored review, I purchased this myself with the intention of leaving an honest and open review”


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