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Juggling life as a young mum with two under two 

At the sweet age of 18 I fell pregnant with my eldest son, to say it was a shock to the system is an understatement having him however  was the best decision I’ve ever made. He entered the world on the 6th June 2013 and from thereby in changed my own little world for the better. Learning the ropes as a mummy and how to handle a newborn at 19 wasn’t the easiest of jobs but it was by far the most rewarding. All of my friends were heading of to uni and I was home with my son and I wouldn’t have asked for it any other way. Frankie-George is by far the most cheeky little fellow you will ever come across. He has the most infectious little smile and has the most beautiful blue eyes that melt you at a glance. It was just after we had celebrated Frankies first birthday that I became pregnant again. This time around I was prepared and loaded with knowledge of all things newborn- or so I thought, but that’s a story for another time.. My pregnancy wasn’t the smoothest, I suffered pre eclampsia with my first and high blood pressure with my second. ( if you want two individual pregnancy and birth story’s then just leave a comment) I gave birth to my little Jacob bear on the third April this year ( Good Friday) , 3 days shy of Frankie being 22 months. As a mum of two you have to learn to juggle the copious amounts nappy changes each day..  the joys of having two in nappies. Another thing you have to be prepared for is bouncing a newborn in your arms while catering for your crazy little toddler that needs your attention right at that moment in time. – I’m currently writing this blog while my littlest is trying to relax in his mamaroo at the same moment in time that my toddler must put the blanket on his baby brother as he is most defiantly cold  (not.) I would say having two with such a short age gap is defiantly not the easiest but the bond they already share outweighs the difficulties. It has been beautiful watching my toddler grow into such a fabulous big brother, he without a doubt adores Jacob and I cannot wait to watch them grow together. Thanks for reading my loves xox


3 thoughts on “Juggling life as a young mum with two under two ”

  1. I have two that are 13 months apart. There bond is amazing. Now following you, so I can watch your two create the same(: enjoy being a mommy


  2. My three littles are 2yr3mon exact apart between each of them. I am probably biased, but I reckon it is a great age gap, trying at times yes…but the bonds they develop are so rewarding…that’s when they aren’t trying to kill each other of course!


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