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10 facts about me 

1) I am twenty-one

2) I have two little boys who have blonde hair and blue eyes.

3) my star sign is Sagittarius

4) I am one half of a twin. *2 minutes older*

5) I have tinted and bleached my hair within an inch of its life . You name it I’ve most probably done it.

6) I am a lover of piercings and tattoos, I have had over 10 piercings All except one are now retired, and have two tattoos.

7) I have a naturally husky voice, people always ask me if I’ve got a cold however this is not the case.

8) I want to go to university and get a degree in midwifery once my children are in school.

9) I am an animal lover, I have a lovely little King Charles spaniel named “Dottie”

10) I am a home girl, I adore nothing more than spending my time home with my own little family.



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